Today’s modern lifestyle is much more cumbersome than in the past. Today, even mothers have to go to work to earn for their families. The roles mothers perform in the family have greatly expanded from the traditional.

As a mother who is planning to have a baby or if you already have a baby, always remember the importance of breastfeeding. Due to the busy schedule that most mothers have, many of them neglect the importance of breastfeeding. They find it much easier and less time consuming to feed their babies with bottled or powdered milk.

Current studies show that there are differences in the development of babies who were breastfed and those who were bottle-fed. Results from these researches are leaning towards breastfeeding. Indeed, animal milk can never be a perfect substitute for mothers’ milk.

The present generation is realizing the great importance of breastfeeding. A number of competitions have already been conducted to increase public awareness with regards to the importance of breast feeding.

Diana Thorgill is the prolific author of score of books on health related subjects. In this book she shows you the many pros and the few cons that are connected with breastfeeding. She also gives you valuable tips.

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