If you were asked the question “Would you prefer world peace or a cure for cellulite?” what would be your answer?

A few years ago the same question was posed to the readers of a women’s magazine, with an overwhelming win for the development of a cure for cellulite!

We all understand that this wasn’t a serious questionnaire, but it indicates how this condition affects women. In fact, treatments for removal and cure of cellulite are a multi-billion dollarindustry, with a wide range of treatments, many ineffective.

Cellulite involves skin changes and occurs mostly in women after puberty, with estimations reaching 80-90% of the female population suffering from this condition. Although rarely, it can also be found in men, usually associated with hormonal imbalances caused, for example, by Klinefelter’s syndrome or after castration.

Although usually associated as a result of an unflattering consequence of obesity, cellulite can appear on any woman independently of her weight. It doesn’t seem to be linked with race, body shape or diet either.

For the majority of women, it’s not a case of if it will happen; it’s a case of when it will happen. Due to its hormonal connections, any woman after puberty is a serious contender to develop this condition. The good news is that, although not aesthetically very pleasant, there are no reports of fatal victims succumbing to this condition!

Until recently, most doctors would not recognise this condition as anything other than normal for women. However, over the last few years, the medical community are starting to dedicate more attention to the distress caused to some women and new methods and treatments are being developed every day.

Unfortunately, so far, these only have a limited and temporary effect, and most commercially available creams and lotions lack scientific support for their claims. However, some success has been achieved with certain treatments, which Diana Thorgill reviews in this book.

If you want to know how to prevent or cure cellulite: order this book now!

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