Whenever we hear about heart attacks, there seems to be a lot of talk about something called “cholesterol”. In fact, we mentioned in an earlier volume of this series that a high cholesterol level in the blood is one of the three greatest risk factors for a heart attack.

What is this “dangerous” thing called cholesterol?

Actually cholesterol is a fatty substance which is always present in the blood and is essential for life. It is important in the digestion of food, and it is necessary in the body’s production of certain hormones. The body itself manufactures most of the cholesterol that it needs.

Cholesterol is also found in many of the foods we eat, especially meats, eggs, milk, butter, and other animal products, such as the ghee used in Indian cooking.

Cholesterol is constantly circulating in the blood stream. However, as
mentioned earlier, if there is too much cholesterol in the blood, it causes a build-up of fatty deposits, or plaque, in the lining of the arteries. This causes the arteries to become narrower, resulting in the condition known as atherosclerosis.

If this build-up of plaque continues, one or more of the arteries eventually becomes blocked, the oxygen supply to that part of the heart stops, and the person has what we know as a heart attack.

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