How much physical exercise have you had this week?

A new U. S. government study shows that only 8 percent of the American population gets adequate exercise.

That is bad!

Today, parents and governments alike are putting a much greater emphasis on studies and academic excellence. Although education in itself is a wonderful thing, it may be given so much importance that it becomes physically destructive.

Nowadays, even very young children often come home from school with a lot of homework. Many also have private tutoring to help them excel in their classes and examinations. By the time school work is finished for the day, there is little time for relaxation. Many good students are giving up sports so that they can spend more time on their studies.

Outside of school, the race to achieve and to climb is also evident, as young men and women are striving for higher positions.

People of all ages are facing greater pressure at work than ever before, and are spending long hours on the job, and many of them are working a lot of overtime to try to catch up.

By the time they get home from work, many in the modern generation are too tired to do anything but eat dinner, watch a little TV, and go to bed.

Inactivity is fast becoming a way of life.

Nowadays nearly every home has a television. Many families also have video movies, video games, computer games, and other forms of inactive entertainment for the children, youth and adults in the home.

This keeps the family inside the house, while in the past years the children would go outside to play “sepak takraw,” Soccer, badminton, or other active sports or games.

Not only have the forms of entertainment become inactive, but much of life in general has changed for the worse, as far as health is concerned. Where people once walked or bicycled to work, they now drive a car, ride a motorcycle or take the bus. More and more people are moving from the villages and farms into the cities and high-rise apartment blocks.

Instead of climbing the stairs, they take the lift. Instead of working in their gardens at home, more families buy their fruits and vegetables at the local market. More and more are changing from active occupations to behind-the-desk or line production jobs which give them little or no exercise.

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